Our Fundraiser Raffle

Do you love to hunt and/or fish? TSA/TCA is offering a chance to win a New York State Lifetime Hunting and Fishing license, as described on the website of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation website here.

If hunting and fishing are  not your thing, but you would like to support the organization’s efforts to raise money for operating costs and publicity expenses for future events, you may opt for the cash prize of $500.  Tickets cost $10, and the drawing will be held on August 31. No more than 500 tickets will be sold. Buyers must be 18 yrs. or older. Prize value ranges from $480 to $780, depending upon the prize selected.

Tickets may be purchased from the following members at this time:

Valley Road Maple Farm (Mike Hill)

Nancy and Don Decker
518-623-2406, [email protected]

Hidden Hollow Maple Farm (Charles Wallace)
[email protected] ot 518-623-9406

Toad Hill Maple Farm (Randy Galusha)
[email protected], 518-623-4474

Martin’s Lumber (Wini and Gary Martin) –
[email protected] or 518-623-9595

Blackberry Hill Maple Farm (Bob and Irene Barody)
(518) 744-3351 [email protected]

Mud St. Maple Farm (Robin and Jeff Mahler)
(518) 623-2736, [email protected]

Please arrange your purchase in advance so social distancing can be observed.
Questions? Contact Perky Granger, [email protected].