Discover Thurman Maple Days - One of Upstate NY's Largest Maple Festivals

TThurman Maple Days
March 11th-12th, 18th-19th and 25th -26th, 2023
Three Glorious Weekends of Sweet Spring Fun

Plans for Thurman Maple Days 2023 are well underway!  Check back here often for updates as they occur.  Feel free to email us with questions at [email protected], and be sure to sign up for our VisitThurman eblasts, which are sent infrequently. Self-guide to any or all of our nine farms for your real maple experience. Read below to learn more about each of them. Download a directory with map to use as a guide, or you may just pick up a copy at any Thurman Maple Days site during the event. There are nine numbered sites, but you may visit the farms in any order you choose, between 10 ua.m. and 4 p.m. on the designated weekends.

We recommend you dress in layers with hat, gloves and boots to be prepared for changeable Adirondack weather.

Please be advised: We love animals, which is why we request that you not bring pets to Thurman Maple Days, for their safety and the safety of other guests and the farm animals.

 Breakfast this year is back at Valley Rd. Maple Farm. Pancakes and sausages will be available from 9 to 1 pm, Saturdays and Sundays through the end of March.

Enjoy a wide variety of activities–demonstrations, tours, samples and some super shopping for farm products and artisan wares. You’ll be welcomed into the lives of our local farmers and learn what its like to walk in their shoes….or snowshoes.



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Click here, directory with map and guide to down load your own to all 9 sites.  Be sure to get yours punched and turn in at the end of your day for chances to win one of our gift baskets.

Meet Your Tour Hosts

Group of people touring sugarbush

Bring the whole family to visit all the sites! Watch maple syrup being made before your eyes. Our maple farms – including the following farms and more: Hidden Hollow Maple, Valley Road Maple, Toad Hill Maple, Adirondack Gold and Mud Street Maple – all are in the same business, but differ in many respects, so plan to visit them all. You’ll see syrup, maple sugar, maple peanuts and candies being made, as well as maple tea and coffee and souvenir clothing items. Wonderful maple treats will tempt your palate, and special activities will fill your day with fun. Sugarhouses will open their doors for touring and tasting, sampling and shopping.

But wait, there is more: Blackberry Hill, Martin’s Lumber, Nettle Meadow and Rustic Acres- Blackberry Hill has organic offerings: jams, bread, poultry and non GMO pork, Martin’s Lumber host the Artisan Market where freinds join them in offering indoor activities, demonstrations and sales. Just down the road, find Nettle Meadow Farm, with tasting of goat and sheep cheeses and, weather permitting, farm tours each hour and not far from Hidden Hollow Maple is our newest farm on the tour, Rustic Acres, demonstrating forgotten ways of farm life with vintage homesteading items. (Be sure to gas up your vehicle before you arrive in as there are no Gas Stations in Thurman.)



1. Mud Street Maple

269 Mud Street, 12810 – 10 am to 4 pm
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One of Thurman’s newer maple operations, Mud St. Maple, is rapidly making a name for itself with its products, especially their Bourbon maple syrup, maple-glazed walnuts, raspberry maple cream and several infused maple syrups. Robin and Jeff Mahler have been tapping and boiling, with great help from family and friends, for about 10 years, and recently built their sugar house on Mud Street. It’s a family operation and a labor of love. Says Robin, “We are passionate about our maple farm.” They will prove their passion this March by welcoming guests both early and late each day, probably as early as 9 or as late at 6. Says Robin, “If steam is coming out of the sugar house, you are welcome to stop in. We love visitors!”


2. Blackberry Hill Farm

15 Mud St., 12810  – 10am – 4pm
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Blackberry Hill Farm is a diversified family farm that has earned certified organic status. Although recently they have dropped the “certified“ designation, they still continue to run their operation organicly. They offer vegetables and herbs; (when in season),  also organic chicken, non-GMO pork and grass-fed beef, along with their full line of organic breads, sourdoughs, English muffins, pretzels and more. This time of the year it’s pretty quiet at the farm but they are gearing up for spring and the spring litters. Stop by the new farm stand and see their stocked freezers and grab a whole chicken , bacon , sausages and more. Plus see what other local items stocked in the farm stand: Upper Hudson coffee, local honey, granola from Toganola, junbucha and more. Bring a cooler and stock up on some of your favorites. Due to the icy and muddy conditions,  this farm will not be offering personal tours during Thurman Maple Day.

3. Toad Hill Maple Farm

137 Charles Olds Road, 12810  – 10am – 4pm
Get DirectionsFarmer using a drill to tap maple tree

The Galusha family has produced pure Adirondack maple products at Toad Hill Maple Farm for more than 50 years. In 2011 they opened their large new timber frame sugar house, which includes a new energy-efficient process for producing pure maple syrup utilizing a wood-fired evaporator, a reverse osmosis machine and large stainless steel tanks. Toad Hill manages nearly 900 acres of timberland and gathers sap from more than 3,000 sugar maple trees. Toad Hill’s tour guides will walk you through the maple operation and give you a wagon ride over the timber frame covered bridge and out through the sugar bush. You will learn how they manage their forest, how they get the sap from the trees to the sugar house, how they process the sap into pure maple syrup and some history of the maple industry and maple production at Toad Hill. Pure maple products produced in the Toad Hill confections kitchen include; maple cream, maple sugar and melt-in-your-mouth maple candies.  In addition to pure maple syrup Toad Hill makes bourbon barrel aged maple syrup and rye barrel aged maple syrup. Maple specialty products include; maple caramel corn, maple frosted nuts, maple pecan granola, maple cotton candy and baked goods including warm donuts with maple dip.  Enjoy samples and browse the expanding list of products in the farm store which includes maple tea, maple coffee, cookbooks, t shirts, sweat shirts, hats and other non-maple items like hand crafted ceramic mugs and syrup pitchers.”

4. Adirondack Gold Maple Farm

74 Bear Pond Rd

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Adirondack Gold Maple Farm, now run by Marc and Cheryl Kenyon, is set on part of the land settled by generations of the  Kenyon family. The old sugaring shack has now been relegated to wood storage, and the modern evaporator in the new sugar house now does the work of turning sap into syrup. Marc has many taps on tubing, but reserves some trees near the sugar house for hanging traditional buckets, so kids and adults alike can see the charming (more labor-intensive) way of collecting sap. Marc, known for years on the Maple tour as “Tapper” enjoys showing kids (and adults!) how sap drips from the tree into the buckets, and sometimes the kids help empty the buckets into a collecting vat so they can be rehung on the trees. There are always fun activities at Adirondack Gold – like snow-shoeing, if the weather cooperates. The sugarhouse is full of sweet smells and great things to buy, so be sure to go in to say “Hi” to Cheryl and check out the maple wares for sale.


5. Martin’s Lumber & Artisans Market 

280 Valley Road, 12885 – 10am – 4pm
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Get in out of the cold!  The saw-mill is shut down for the winter, but activities continue at Martin’s Lumber in their various workshops and home, where they host the Artisan Market.  Tour the shops where friends and neighbors join them for hands-on activates, demonstrations and sales. Pyrography is the art of burning wood. Pyrography artist, James Martin of Pi.Rho.Dsine will demonstrate his art and take orders. Master Gardener, Elli Muller offers her wisdom on gardening questions, Gail Seaman of Clendon Brook Creations will demonstrate techniques used to create beautiful unique greeting cards. Fortunate recipients of these cards treasure them for years. Laurie West of Empty Nest Sud-drome is back, selling her famous cold processed soaps, shampoo and conditioning bars, body butter sugar scrubs, lotion bars, lip balm and bath balms. Repurposing is a crafty specialty of Rose Slemp who will join us this year with a showcase of unique and one-of-a-kind holiday decorations and home décor items. We are thrilled to have Jim Ferris of Wax ‘n’ Wix back, bringing his candle making supplies with an opportunity to make your very own candle. Offering a choice of shapes, scents and colors; in no time at all you will have made your very own candle. Owners Gary Martin and Wini Martin will be on hand, Gary working on the forge in the metal shop and Wini with paper bead jewelry and offering a chance to make your own beads and bracelets.

Throughout the day demonstrations and hands-on activities continue for the whole family.

6.  Nettle Meadow Farm

484 South Johnsburg Road, 12885 – 10am – 4pm
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Nettle Meadow farm and Sanctuary will offer hourly farm tours (weather permitting) and cheese tastings, and will be selling their cook booklets, telling about their nationally and inter-nationally-awarded cheese*, the animals, and the history of the place, along with the recipes. 

Land at this site has been farmed since John Thurman deeded acreage to the Johnson family, which founded Meadowbrook Stock Farm and ran it for generations. Nettle Meadow is now primarily an animal sanctuary, aging facility for cheese, and retail cheese shop. See, sample and shop their gourmet goodies. See the restored historic barn loft and all of the amazing animals from goats to highland cows, from chickens to miniature donkeys, llamas, sheep and barn cats too.  During Maple Days, enjoy cheeses and made using maple.
Nettle Meadow’s cheeses are made with cow, goat and sheep milk and have won national and international awards over the last two decades..

7. Valley Road Maple Farm

190 Valley Road. 12885 – 10am – 4pm
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Breakfast is back at Valley Road Maple farm. Enjoy the traditional pancake breakfast that so many have looked forward to each year. Enjoy the fist real signs of spring with steam billowing out of the cupola, sap pouring into the sugarhouse, and the wonderful aroma of boiling maple syrup spells the end of winter’s grip on the north.  Tours will be given to guests from the start of the process to the final product.  Explanations of the equipment and the operation will be given and questions are encouraged.  They will be able to taste raw sap, RO sap, and fresh maple syrup.  Hardy individuals  are free to walk or snowshoe through the woods and watch the sap work its way through the tubing on its way to the sugarhouse.  Coloring books with maple facts and history will be given to our young visitors. In our shop visitors will find syrup, cream, candy, sugar, maple roasted nuts, maple peanut brittle and maple cotton candy.

8. Hidden Hollow Maple Farm

312 Dippikill Rd.  – 10am – 4pm
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Three generations of the Wallace family work together to produce pure Adirondack maple syrup, maple cream, delectable maple candies, and many specialty products such as maple jelly, cinnamon maple sugar. maple pepper and much more. Old meets new in this operation, with a traditional wood-fired evaporator processing sap already reduced by reverse osmosis. The Wallaces have expanded their operation to over 6,000 taps. Like Hidden Hollow Maple Farm on Facebook.

9. Rustic Acres Farm

107 Huber Rd.  10am to 4pm

Meet Todd and Flo and see their displays of farm implements. They will demonstrate the forgotten ways of farm life with vintage homesteading items.  Participate in a hands-on demonstration of vintage kitchen utensils.

All of our meat is USDA Inspected

Here at the farm we raise all our own non GMO fed . Beef/Pork /Chicken and also Offer Farm fresh eggs
Includes/ Burger -Sirloin tip-Sirloin steaks-Ribeye-Chuck roasts-Chuck  steaks-Stew beef-Bottom Round roasts
Beef short ribs- Briskets-Porterhouse steaks-London Broil -Soup bone-and more.
Chops-Sirloin Chops-Smoked Ham butts-Ham steaks -Bacon-All brined and  smoked with no nitrite’s
country style ribs-Boston But Roast-Spare ribs-Fresh ground pork-and  soup bones.
From the bakery:
Home made bread- Muffins-Cup cakes-Pound cake -Pies-Cookies-all made with real
Maple  products from our local maple producers.
ALSO Jams  and Jellies
Please, no pets on property. Dress for the weather; boots are a must.

Planning to Spend the Weekend?
Have sweet maple dreams in Thurman!

Book your large group and share the rent at The Glen Lodge, with Adirondack Great Camp ambiance. Also check online sites for short-term rentals in Thurman.

(518) 494-4084 or

Thurman Maple Days are made possible, in part, by funding from The Glenn and Carol Pearsall Adirondack Foundation.