Thurman Farms in their “down time”…

Posted On: November 29th, 2018

November snow, Adirondack autumn, forest in snow.
Mother Nature wanted to be sure we knew winter is around the corner. Quite a reminder!


“Down Time”?
Winter Notes from our Thurman Farms

Let’s just get this said right now: Although it might seem as though winter is a time for our farmers to relax a bit, when on is a farm owner, there is no “down time”. Here in Thurman, we may not be welcoming guests every day at the barn doors, but projects continue — so many, it makes one’s head spin. Right now, Thurman is shoveling out from a recent snowstorm that piled about 7 inches of snow around houses and barns. The wind whistled, the thermometer plummeted., and the farm work continued on pretty much as usual.

For the next few weeks the farmers who are gearing up to host Thurman Maple Days will share some first-hand accounts of what keeps them busy at their farms this time of year.  Here’s a note from Martin’s Lumber:

“With this early snow and cold, even with the mill now in the barn, we have halted any sawing until we get warmer weather. In spite of the warmth we get from the wood furnace, we have had a nice fire in the stove in the house during these sub-zero days and the animals enjoy it as much as we do. They seem to be annoyed by this cold weather as much as we are, wanting to go out, then coming right back in and looking at us as if to ask, ‘Why did you make us go out it that???’ Looking ahead to Maple Days, we plan on having vendors in the house and in Gary’s shop this year, hoping for a few more vendors and more space to accommodate all. Laurie West will be here with her ‘Empty Nest Sud-drome’ soaps, butters, lotions and more, as will Diane Cubit, with her unique pottery. I’m waiting for responses from others and will update this page as I learn more.” ? Contributed by Winefred Martin ?

Dogs, wood burning stove, cozy Adirondack winter scene.
Some evenings, even the dogs don’t want to go out and play in the snow.?