New Website Launch

Posted On: June 6th, 2018

Hooray! Thanks for joining us as we celebrate the launch of Visit Thurman, NY, our new website, the product of months of work by TCA members and Mannix Marketing. Take time to explore the tabs to see what fun is on tap in Thurman this year.  Equally as important, learn about opportunities that TSA membership offers individuals, businesses and organizations. Want to learn more? Finish checking out the site and contact us for an application.

June has arrived (another cause for celebration!), and, as usual, the first Saturday is celebrated at Martin’s Lumber Woods Walk and Artisans’ Market! There will be guided walks into Martin’s certified tree farm to learn about how this farm observes principles of sustainable forestry to maintain their woodlot for years to come. See sawing demos illustrating how a sawyer gets the most lumber from a tree, and how scraps are utilized. Artisans will be set up in the new timber farm barn-in-progress, usually including woodworkers, a medicinal plant guide, a quilter, a maple producer, a soap maker, an author, a potter and more! Time your trip right, and you can go to Nettle Farm for their noon guided farm tour, followed by a cheese tasting at the shop. What a day.