Anticipating Thurman Fall Farm Tour

Posted On: September 15th, 2018

It seemed (for about two days) that the heat of summer had abated, and the first frost might be just around the corner. Those are the days that make our Thurman gardeners scramble. How much can be saved of the tender crops? Is this the beginning of the end? They look then with gratitude to the pumpkins, Blue Hubbard and butternut squashes, the onions and potatoes and mentally assess what they’ll be able to put out to tantalize shoppers at this year’s Thurman Fall Farm Tour on October 6. At the same time they are dreaming up enjoyable activities to engage guests of all ages as they stop in. Note to self, they remind themselves, each guest will present a passport to be punched, and the passport will be entered in a free drawing for one of two wonderful prizes.

We’ll talk about that in a future post, so stop back in, when you have a minute, to hear the details.