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Herbal Classes for June 2020

June 1, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - June 30, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

June’s on line herbal classes by Amy  Cason.

Currently all classes are being held through Cisco Webex.  Classes will resume at Martin’s Lumber Barn when state regulations allow for groups of people to meet.

For questions or to sign up contact Amy Cason at  [email protected] or message her on Facebook at Thyme in a Bottle.

Class descriptions are listed below.

Herb Classes June Week 2

Saturday June 13th —12pm-4pm — Rebuild Series Joan’s Group Class 4 (Pirvate group)

7pm -8pm—Topic to be announced (Free)

Sunday June 14th —12pm-4pm — How Health Is Created ($50)

Herb Classes June Week 3

Monday June 15th —12pm-2pm –Supporting Women’s Cycles ($35)

2:30pm-4:30pm — Basics of Harvesting and Preservation ($35)

Tuesday June 16th —12pm-4pm — Herbs and the Energy system ($50)

Wednesday June 17th —12pm-4pm — Herbalist Training Course

7pm- 8pm —Making Simple Salves ($20)

Thursday June 18th—12pm-2pm — Why the Body Doesn’t Heal ($35)

3pm-4pm– Plant Identification ($20)

Friday June 19th — 12pm-2pm –Companion Herbs Class ($35) Plantain and Yarrow

3pm-5pm –Foraging Late Spring ($35)

Saturday June 20th —12pm-4pm — How the Body Moves and Why It Doesn’t ($50)

Herb Classes June Week 4

Monday June 22nd —12pm-2pm –Sleeping Better with Herbs ($35)

2:30 pm-4:30pm –Companion Herbs Class ($35)

Tuesday June 23rd —12pm-2pm –Herbal Support for Caregivers ($35)

Wednesday June 24th– 12pm-2pm –Why Herbs Don’t Work ($35)

7pm – 8pm– Herbal Approach to Immune Building ($20)

Thursday June 25th —12pm-2pm — Basic Herb Preparation ($35)

Friday June 26th —12pm-4pm — Basics of Wholistic Nutrition ($50)

Saturday June 27th —12pm-4pm — Herbs for Athletes ($50)

Monday June 29th —10am- 5pm– Using Mushrooms for Health ($75)

Tuesday June 30th —10am- 5pm –Using Mushrooms for Health ($75)


Basics of Wholistic Nutrition

An introduction to the basics of nourishing the body. We will discuss how the cells receive nutrients and what we can do to increase the amount of nutrients our cells receive. Learn why herbs are an important part of nourishing the body.

Companion Herbs Class

This class will focus on the herbs plantain and yarrow. Two herbs you can find in abundance right now. During our companion herbs class we will talk about each herb individually but the focus will be on the power of using them together.

Basics of Harvesting and Preservation

We will walk and identify natives to begin using. Plants will all be medicinal or edible. Sustainable and responsible gathering practices will be highlighted. I’ll show you when to harvest plants and how to prepare the herbs you collect. We will focus on learning what part to take and why.

Plant Identification

This class will focus on the identification of native plants. Botanical identification will briefly be discussed. We will find and learn to identify at least 40 native plants. Plants will all be medicinal or edible.

Basic Herb Preparation

This workshop will focus on the basic preparations used to work with herbs. We will cover oil and vinegar infusions, teas, baths, lotions, and salves. We will take an in depth look at each preparation type of plants and how different plants require different parts to be used and types of care to be made truly effective. Each preparation will be gone over in detail so you will have step by step instructions for the

basic preparations used in herbal formulas. These are the basic preparation techniques used in all of my herbal formulas.

Herbal Approach to Immune Building

Learn the different ways the body supports the defense system of the body and what we can do to support it. We will talk about important immune building herbs like marshmallow, astragalus and of course Echinacea along with a few others.

How Health Is Created

This class will focus on what health is, how health is created throughout our daily life and some markers we can use to gauge our true health.

Supporting Women’s Cycles

Learn what herbs can be used to support all of the fluctuations that happen throughout our lives.

Herbs and the Energy system

In this class we will be discussing the energetic aspect of the body. We will talk about the things in our lives that affect the energy system of the body. Learn how herbs can be used to affect the energy in our bodies and what the best ways to prepare herbs to be used this way.

Making Simple Salves

Learn how to make a basic salve that you can adapt into anything you need.

Why the Body Doesn’t Heal

This class will talk about the conditions that arise in the body that block the natural ability to heal. We will learn different herbs and things we can do to precipitate the healing mechanisms within ourselves.

How the Body Moves and Why It Doesn’t

This class will focus on the things we can do to eliminate the pain and movement restrictions that creep up as we get older. Herbal formulas will focus on repairing the body so we can move without fear and pain. Bone density, old injuries, and alternatives to joint replacement will be covered.

Sleeping Better with Herbs

Learn some simple herbal remedies to help get the quality sleep we need to function in our lives.

Herbal Support for Caregivers

Caring for people during their time of need is an amazing experience. One that comes with its own unique joys and stresses. Learn what herbs can help support you while you support your loved ones.

Why Herbs Don’t Work

Let’s look at some of the factors that affect the efficiency and strength of our herbs. , as well as the forgiving nature of plants. We will also look at situations that can cause herbs to work less effectively than they should or not at all.

Herbs for Athletes

Although most herb use focuses on making the body well, herbs really excel at optimizing a healthy body. Herbs have the ability to help increase strength, endurance, stamina, speed, and more. When you combine that with a formula for energy, one that helps with impact, and one focused on eliminating the acids produced when you use your muscles, the results can be measurably noticed. We will also discuss formulas that speed the time injuries take to heal, mend soft tissue and the like.

Using Mushrooms for Health Class 1

Reishi – shiitake – Cordyceps – Maitake —Auricularia – Agaricus

Preparing medicinal mushrooms

Using Mushrooms for Health Class 2

Coprinus – Lion’s mane—Oysters – Birch polypore—Poria – Turkey tail

Using mushrooms and herbs together


June 1, 2020 @ 12:00 pm
June 30, 2020 @ 5:00 pm


Come stay in Thurman-perhaps at The Glen Lodge B&B or, if you camp, inquire at scenic Daggett Lake Campsite or Glen-Hudson Campsite on the River.

Event information is subject to change. Please check back for updates.