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August Herb Classes by Amy Cason

August 1, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - September 6, 2020 @ 4:00 pm

$10 – $35

August Herbal Classes at Martin’s Barn

Week 1

Sunday 2nd — Martin’s Barn Rebuild – 12pm – 4pm

Monday 3rd — Herb Preparation Basics—12 pm – 2pm — $25
This workshop will focus on the basic preparations used to work with herbs. We will cover oil and vinegar infusions, teas, baths, lotions, and salves. We will take an in depth look at each preparation type of plants and how different plants require different parts to be used and types of care to be made truly effective. Each preparation will be gone over in detail so you will have step by step instructions for the basic preparations used in herbal formulas. These are the basic preparation techniques used in all of my herbal formulas. We will each make an infusion and a salve to take home.
Tuesday 4th — Emotional health with herbs—12pm – 4pm $35
A look at how herbs have the ability to impact our emotional health. We will also look at different aspects of our lives that will impact our ability to achieve emotional balance.
Wednesday 5th — Basic Remedy Chest—12pm – 4pm $35
In this class we will walk and identify the plants needed to make 9 formulas we can keep on hand for our own herbal remedy chest. The herbs used can all be found growing locally. We will then have a snack and go over the recipes, herbs used, and how each recipe can be prepared for future use.

Week 2

Sunday 9th – Homemade House Cleaners—12 pm – 2pm — $25
What most of us really want is to use more healthy, earth friendly things in our lives. Learn how to make your own plant based house cleaners. This will include all-purpose cleaner, disinfectant spray, laundry soap, and dust mite spray away as well as others. This class will focus on using whole herbs and natural products to make our household cleaners. We will also cover how Essential Oils can be used as cleaners as well as some of the best oils to use.
Trees and their uses–a walk—2:30 pm – 4;30 pm — $25
We will walk and look at trees and how they can be used. Trees will include Birch, Beech, Oak, Pine, Willow, Alder, Hawthorn, Slippery Elm, and Balsam.
Monday 10th — Natural and Herbal Approach to Pain—12pm – 4pm $35
Exhausted? Mentally distraught? Feel like theirs no hope? It doesn’t have to be that way. Herbs have a remarkable ability to eliminate deep pain in our bodies, whether it be from old or existing injuries or from something else entirely. This class will look at using a holistic approach to eliminate the pain from our lives as opposed to using prescribed narcotics to suppress the pain. We will look at some of the causes of pain and inflammation in our daily lives and discuss a multitude of options for dealing with them including an herbal formula for the insomnia that comes with constant pain. Different foods that can help along with herbs and other natural therapies will be discussed and made that can be incorporated into your daily life.
Tuesday 11th — Using Herbs for Nutrient supplements—12pm – 4pm $35
Throughout this class we will look at how the body uses nutrients and some formulas that can be used instead of vitamin and mineral supplements. These formulas can be used daily to increase the overall health and vitality of the body.
Wednesday 12th — Detoxify your home—12 pm – 2pm — $25
In this class we will look at some of the main offenders in our houses that are impacting our health. We will also look at things we can do to mitigate or substitute these main issues.
Supporting Women’s cycle’s—12 pm – 2pm — $25
Learn what herbs can be used to support all of the fluctuations that happen throughout our lives.

Week 3

Sunday 16th — Herbal Support for Athletes—12pm – 4pm $35
Although most herb use focuses on making the body well, herbs really excel at optimizing a healthy body. Herbs have the ability to help increase strength, endurance, stamina, speed, and more. When you combine that with a formula for energy, one that helps with impact, and one focused on eliminating the acids produced when you use your muscles, the results can be measurably noticed. We will also discuss formulas that speed the time injuries take to heal, mend soft tissue and the like.
Monday 17th — Cooking for maximum nutrition—12 pm – 2pm — $25
In this class we will star to cover some of the basic concepts of cooking for maximum nutrition. We will discuss different types of foods and the best ways to prepare them. We will also cover different food combinations that maximize the nutrition of the meals we are eating.
Herbal approach to Sleeping Better—2:30 pm – 4:30 pm — $25
Learn some simple herbal remedies to help get the quality sleep we need to function in our lives.
Tuesday 18th — Late Summer Plant Walk—12 pm – 2pm — $25
In this class we will walk through the woods and identify herbs and plants available in the late summer.
How to tell what an herb does—12 pm – 2pm — $25
This class will continue our look at herbal profiles and we will learn to condense that information to understand the physiological effect that an herb has on the body.
Wednesday 19th — Herbalist Training Course —12pm – 4pm $35
Throughout this class we will continue looking at herbs best used in combination. We will also continue with our notes from last time discussing how to tell what an herb does. If we have time we will then discuss how to create your own formulas.
1 hour Free Q and A—From 4:30- 5:30 pm

Week 4

Sunday 23rd — Natives and their uses part 2—12pm – 4pm $35
In this class we will continue our journey into the use of native herbs. Last month we found over 76 natives from our list and this month we will start discussing how the most beneficial of these herbs are used.
1 hour plant walk— 4:30pm -5:30pm—$10
Monday 24th — Natural skin care—12 pm – 2pm — $25
A homemade and herb based look at making lotions, creams, oils and other things for our skin. We will look at the formulas you can use and the adaptations you can make to personalize them for your skin type. We’ll also discuss the best ways to clean and care for the skin that nourish and build our skin as we live
Tuesday 25th – Herbs and the Adrenal and thyroid glands—12pm – 4pm $35
In this class we will talk about the herbs and daily habits that will improve the strength and function of the thyroid and adrenal glands.
Wednesday 26th — Environmental stress support—12pm – 4pm $35
This class is a look at the habits along with the herbal and natural approaches that we can use to mitigate the effects of the toxic environment that we live in.

August/Early September Classes

Saturday 29th — Using Mushrooms for Health Class 1—12pm – 4pm $35
Reishi – shiitake – Cordyceps – Maitake —Auricularia – Agaricus
Sunday 30th — Herbs and the Kidneys—12pm – 4pm $35
In this class we will talk about the things in our lives that impact the health of our kidneys along with a bit about the importance of optimal kidney function. We will discuss herbs and formulas that are aimed at protecting and strengthening the kidneys.
Monday 31st — Mental wellness during stressful times—12pm – 4pm $35
This class will delve into some of the habits and techniques that can be used to support mental health during times of stress. We will also talk about herbs and foods that are important additions to our lives
Tuesday September 1st — Introduction to Herbalism—12 pm – 2pm — $25
In this class we will cover the basics of herbalism. This will include the importance of names, basic preparation types, foraging basics, sister plants, and more. A brief look at the history of herbalism, as well as the variety of uses of herbs in our daily lives will be covered.
Understanding herbal profiles—2:30 pm – 4:30 pm — $25
This class will take a look at 2 or 3 herbs in depth so we can understand the information that is given in herb profiles.

Early September, Week 1

Wednesday September 2nd — How weather and the earth effect our body—12 pm – 2pm — $25
An interesting look at how the weather, earth and moon can affect the function in the body.
Saturday September 5th – Digestion: Nourishing the body—12pm – 4pm $35
A look at how the body is nourished. Learn the difference between digesting food and assimilating the nutrients into your cells.
Sunday September 6th —Martin’s Barn Rebuild Series—12pm – 4pm
Monday 7th — Natural practices during Epidemics—12pm – 4pm $35
This class will cover everything from helpful meal additions to micro biome care, herbal support, smudging, and how to set up a quarantine room in your house for ill loved ones.
Tuesday 8th —Herbal Approach to Blood Sugar—12pm – 4pm $35
Worried about diabetes or high blood sugar? As type 2 diabetes surges in this country, understand what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones. Learn how herbs can be used to balance our blood sugar and return our bodies to a point where insulin works naturally within the body. This class will cover important herbal formulas and some basic concepts about foods and meals that make it easier to navigate this terrain.
Wednesday 9th —Herbal approach to more energy—12pm – 4pm $35
In this class we will look at the things in our lives that drain our energy unbeknownst to us. Herbs that increase our energy naturally without caffeine as well as different concepts to include in your daily eating habits will be covered in depth.
All classes are held outside and state mandated masks and social distancing rules apply. Amy currently accepts cash. Please let Amy ( [email protected], IM via Face Book) or Winefred Martin (MartinsLumber@hotmail) know if you will be attending class. Feel free to share this schedule with friends and people you know that are interested! Looking forward to seeing everyone!


August 1, 2020 @ 12:00 pm
September 6, 2020 @ 4:00 pm
$10 – $35



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Come stay in Thurman-perhaps at The Glen Lodge B&B or, if you camp, inquire at scenic Daggett Lake Campsite or Glen-Hudson Campsite on the River.

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