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  • Anticipating Thurman Fall Farm Tour

    It seemed (for about two days) that the heat of summer had abated, and the first frost might be just around the corner. Those are the days that make our Thurman gardeners scramble. How much can be saved of the tender crops? Is this the beginning of the end? They look then with gratitude to […]

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    Hit the Thurman Farm Trail!

    Thurman Farm Trail Days, August 18 – 19 If you love vegetables kissed by the summer sun, still radiating heat when you carry them to the kitchen and savor the sounds and smells of farm animals as they forage for grass and twitch their tales at pesky deer flies, then this is the place to […]

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    June in the Adirondacks

    June in the Adirondacks brings to mind those words by James Russell Lowell: “And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days…” June is when we here in Thurman become convinced that winter is truly over. Oh, sure—there is the occasional nippy morning, but the hills and mountains […]

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    TCA farm friends

    Our TCA farm friends have been busy, and frost-hardy plants are poking through the ground. Local folks consider Memorial Day the date after which tender plants can safely be set out, so tomatoes have made the scene. It’s a short growing season, but you can’t beat home-grown veggies. Don’t you love the smell of tomato […]

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    Martin’s Lumber Trip

    It was a great day at Martin’s Lumber today, with many folks going on one of the woods walks with Gary to learn about environmental awareness in logging. There’s a lot to be learned about maintaining a woodlot! The artisans and others set up in the barn had an enjoyable time. Some were able to […]

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    New Website Launch

    Hooray! Thanks for joining us as we celebrate the launch of Visit Thurman, NY, our new website, the product of months of work by TCA members and Mannix Marketing. Take time to explore the tabs to see what fun is on tap in Thurman this year.  Equally as important, learn about opportunities that TSA membership […]

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